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Photos of the Week: Bonimot Idol & Chotrimot Photoshoot!

Chotrimot Photoshoot

Because of Covid protocols, we aren't able to do a full camp photo day. So each kvutza is doing their very own photoshoot day! Check out the wacky Chotrimot (7th graders)!

Bonimot Idol

As chanichimot (campers) get older, they get to lead different parts of camp. The Bonimot (9th graders) lead Bonimot Idol each year - it's a super fun time for these campers to run camp for an evening! Bonimot Idol is a lip-syncing and dancing competition between the kvutzot! This year's theme was country western and the winners were the Shomrimot (8th graders), thanks to Tal's incredible moves!

Sayarimot (6th)