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Photos of the Week - Revo, Yom Kvutzah, and Amazon tries to take over Gilboa!

The last week of camp was very exciting! We started off on Monday with Yom Kvutzah - a day dedicated to fun adventures with just our kvutzah (age group.) There were hikes, picnics, movies, kayaking, swimming, a honeymoon, and lots of fun kvutzah bonding!

On Tuesday night, we heard that Amazon was trying to develop Gilboa. We had to convince Jeff why our community and the labor we do together is more important than profits. The night ended with a dance battle over Skype with "Jeff Bezos" himself, and we saved camp!

When we woke up Wednesday morning, it was clear it was not going to be a normal day. We all gathered, as we normally do in the mornings, but were interrupted by a van pulling up right in the middle - the madatz (CITs) jumped out wearing costumes and shouting "revolution!" They kicked out all the madrichimot (counselors) and transformed camp into the Land of Ooo - we spent the whole day in Adventure Time!

And of course, we beat the heat in the pool.


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