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Photos of the Week: Revo, Zman Bogrimot & Other Highlights!

This last week of camp has been filled with so many exciting days! We started the week with tiyulim (hikes) - see previous post - and then on Wednesday it was Revo! Revo is when the madatz (CITs) take over camp for the day.

Chanichimot (campers) woke up to a Gilboa 10 year anniversary party, hosted by the Muppets! There was a fun party in the morning, but partway through the celebrations, we found out the bank was trying to repossess Gilboa and we needed to find a way to save our camp. The Muppets decided to get the band back together and hold a benefit variety show! The madatz will be guest blogging soon to explain the whole storyline, but for now, enjoy the photos.

And then the party was interrupted...

Fashion Show!

Then it was time to start preparing for the concert! We split into groups of singers, comedians, acrobats, and "people with random talents".

The singers:

The judges:

The Acrobats:

The Comedians:

The "Random Talents" Group:


Soccer Skills:

Magic tricks:

The day after Revo, the Bogrimot (10th graders) ran "Zman Bogrimot". They planned and ran different chuggim (electives) for the rest of the chanichimot. These chuggim included Chug Messy Fun, Chug Building Fairy Houses, and Chug Basketball.

A few other highlights from the week...

The high school kvutzot had a pool party!

Chug TLC had a cake decorating competition

We had a Tochnit Erev (camp-wide evening program) that was a big trivia competition - the top 3 contestants were Oren & Mina from Amelimot (5th grade) and Shiloh from Bogrimot (10th grade).


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