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Photos of the Week: Revo, Zman Bogrimot & Other Highlights!

This last week of camp has been filled with so many exciting days! We started the week with tiyulim (hikes) - see previous post - and then on Wednesday it was Revo! Revo is when the madatz (CITs) take over camp for the day.

Chanichimot (campers) woke up to a Gilboa 10 year anniversary party, hosted by the Muppets! There was a fun party in the morning, but partway through the celebrations, we found out the bank was trying to repossess Gilboa and we needed to find a way to save our camp. The Muppets decided to get the band back together and hold a benefit variety show! The madatz will be guest blogging soon to explain the whole storyline, but for now, enjoy the photos.