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Seminar Recap (we miss you already!)

Over the long weekend, Gilboa friends far and wide gathered by way of planes, vans, and automobiles to celebrate an opportunity to be with one another. On Friday after drop-off, chanichimot (kids/campers) reconnected with their age groups after months apart (or for the first time!) Our days were jam packed: from an institute-themed round robin, to delicious meals, to field trips, Shabbat traditions, crafts, and peulot (educational activities). We were tired on Sunday from our jam-packed weekend, but still managed to do a thorough clean up and say our goodbyes (for now!)

Here are some highlights from each shichva (age group):


This weekend we had a lot fun! We were able to teach the kids new games, like bear mafia and sheep! We were also able to create time to play some basketball too! On Sunday we had fish pish in which we played games and acted like fish in order to create a fun environment to learn about overfishing and endangered species. At night we had ep-ep’s (night time activities) and got to have build relationships together as a kvutza. (community)


Saturday morning, the shomrimot went on a scavenger hunt challenge in the Grove, which was a load of fun! After that, we joined the rest of camp for some park time. Later on, the shomrimot learned about the relationship between environmental racism and food desserts in pish. We achieved this through an educational video and conversation. Last but not least, We finished up the night with a movie and smores!

Saycho: On Friday night, we had a late night activity that was CHOPPED themed. We split the group into thirds and had each team build dishes made out of Marshmallows, sun nut butter, graham crackers, frosting and sprinkles. We had three rounds of chopped judged by Celebrity chefs Grandma Abigail (Tak), Industry meanie Olivia (Dalia) and German Pastry chef (Sam) they built creations under the categories of “Day at the Beach” and “Late Night snack". For our educational activity, we learned about Environmental propaganda… and how large corporations make us feel responsible for climate change….we talked about what we do to help the environment and then we talked about the reason why we are in a climate crisis… and how it is not because we use plastic water bottles but because of the destructive acts of the top 20 corporations on earth. We discussed our relationships with being environmentally conscious and how it can be a confusing topic to navigate, then we made truthful advertisements from the top 20 destructive companies that we learned about.


This weekend the tzedek kids had a really great weekend of fun, friendship, and learning. After almost half a year apart, our tzedek kids came back to the institute with style, new cuts all around. They worked really hard on a Dance Dance Revolution activity that they ran for all the kids. We also spent some time learning about Los Angeles walking through downtown and Skid Row. The kids learned about policies that contributed to houslessness and the different avenues for change. We talked to the Skid Row Housing Trust and SHARE! In Culver City about housing solutions. They learned a lot about their city and what they can do as tzedek to make change. We had a great weekend with them and are so excited for what the summer has in store. <3 Otto, Lia, Mimi

It's only Thursday but we miss all of our chanichimot (kids/campers) and tzevet (staff) already! Can't wait to see you all soon.


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