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Shabbat #2

Our second shabbat of the session was relaxing and rejuvenating. On Friday afternoon, each kvutzah did something different to get ready for shabbat. In addition to bring guest bloggers, the Goofimot also led the blessings before the meal. The Shomrimot braided challah, the SayChos performed skits for the oneg, the Bongos set up the tables and place settings, and the Amelimot prepared a song to sing for the rest of camp down at the lake.

On Shabbat we have special chuggim (electives) and Jewce, which are Jewish art rotations. We painted murals, planted in the gan (garden), made candles, and created hamsas. Some of the chuggim options included archery, making nature jewelry, kayaking, listening to a podcast, and watching a short documentary about different religions.

Enjoy the pictures!


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