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Shabbat Blogging with the Shomrimot - Chuggim (Electives)

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

One of the best parts of any day at Gilboa is chuggim (electives). All the creativity of the madrichimot (counselors) and all the excitement of the kids come together to create one daily hour of awesome. Each chug is a tour of a magical or wacky theme dreamt up by the madrichimot. There’s everything from Hunger Games to Yearbook to Ska (yes, you read that right, Ska). Chanichimot (campers) select their chug based on their interests and meet daily to do fun activities, create projects, and explore!

The following are accounts from the Shomrimot (incoming 8th graders) about their experiences at the first day of their chuggim:

Ska - just like it sounds. Who doesn’t want to dive into the music, history and culture of Ska Music (seriously!):

“On the first day of chug Ska we were introduced to the world’s greatest genre of music, SKA! We listened to all four waves and learned about it’s history. The first wave originated in Jamaica with heavy Reggae influence. The second wave, called 2-tone, had much more influence from American rock. 3rd wave was punk influenced. 4th wave is more pop. After learning all about the history we learned the ska dance move called Skankin. It is a move that requires your arms and legs to move opposite one another. And we have many more great things planned!”

--Maya, Mckenzie, and Benji

Hunger Games - all the skills and experiences needed to compete and win the HUNGER GAMES:

“The first day of chug Hunger Games started off with some pretty intense training. The group trekked to the archery range where they received professional instruction on how to properly shoot an arrow. Every tribute got a chance to hit the target. Meanwhile, people were told which district they were in and made shirts with their first initial and district number. Overall, the first day of chug Hunger Games was a hit (pun intended).”

--Sebastian, Rio, Shai-Li, Simon & Lia

USA - secret agents and saboteurs parading around as the most normal Americans you could imagine:


Creative Collective - a different daily art project. Every art kid’s dream:

“In my activity group we started by sitting in a circle and talking about ourselves. Then we all made collages to represent aspects of ourselves and our identities. Afterwards, we all cleaned up.”


Yearbook - simple and sweet! How awesome is it going to be to have a memorandum of another awesome Gilboa summer, made by your friends?:

“Chug Yearbook is an interest group with the end goal of creating a physical yearbook for Chanichimot to enjoy. Some things included in the yearbook are satire new stories about things in camp, a fake gossip column about madrichimot, lots of pics of camp activities, camp related comics, kvutza stories, mitbach star of the week, real news stories, interviews & chanichimot art. In the first chug session we got to decide what we wanted to do for the yearbook. I (Anina H-L) worked on a news article with Anabel about the megacryometeor that we found on camp grounds. I (Cody) wrote a satire news article about how the park ranger is an Area 51 agent. We are excited to bring home the finished product!”

--Anina and Cody

Pioneer Women: exploring old times out West through the experience of Pioneer Women

“In chug Pioneer Women we do all of the things pioneer women would do on the Oregon trail. For example, the first day we made homemade candles to see in the dark. We also chose our pioneer names and said why we were going on the journey. The madrichimot taught us how to make a pioneer women whistle with our hands. We are really excited to continue this chug.”

--Malka, Edie & Eliya

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