Tiyul (Hike)

One of the highlights of each camp session is going on a tiyul (hike) as a kvutza (age group). We woke up this morning, had a hearty breakfast, packed our bags with water, sunscreen, and lunch supplies, and were on our way!

Tiyul is a time to bond as a kvutza and connect with the incredible natural environment surrounding camp. Check out some cute pics from this morning before kvutzot headed out!


While the younger kvutzot went on tiyul, the Bogrimot & MBGers (10th & 11th graders) stayed back at camp for a fun day of high school learning and group bonding activities (they did their tiyulim during 1st session). They started their day with a learning session about leadership and being role models at camp and in the year-round activities. Then they went up to the water towers to paint