Gilboa's Going Virtual!

For Camp Gilboa, living Jewishly means building a loving, inclusive, and creative community, practicing critical thinking, and working towards justice, equality, and collective responsibility. We educate and act on social, economic, racial and gender inequalities, and our unique participatory, youth-led model creates a lively, profound and empowering experience, where campers see the world as a place where they can and should make a difference. 

Gilboa's virtual summer includes a core program, marked blue on the schedule, with optional chuggim (electives) add-ons.

MBG (11th) & Madatz (12th) summer program outlines can be found here.

Dates & Rates

Incoming 3rd-8th graders can sign up for one or both sessions. 

  • Session 1: June 29 - July 10th 

  • Session 2: July 13 - July 24

  • Sliding scale tuition per 2-week session: $50-100

Bonimot & Bogrimot (Incoming 9th & 10th grade)

  • June 29 - July 24

  • Sliding scale tuition: $100-200

The core program for high schoolers spans all 4 weeks and incorporates Tzedek - Gilboa's year-round teen activism and leadership development program.
MBG (11th) & Madatz (12th) programs are also going virtual. Details here!

Program Overview

Core Program

Amelimot-Shomrimot (3rd-8th grade)

  • Zman Kvutzah (activity by age group, M/W/F 4-5pm)

    • Experiential social justice learning, group bonding activities

    • Friday Zman Kvutzah with the madatz (CITs)

  • Special Friday Shabbat activities

    • Shabbat chuggim (electives) 3-3:30pm

    • Camp-wide pre-Shabbat gathering 5pm

Bonimot & Bogrimot (9th & 10th grade)

  • Zman Kvutzah (by grade, M/W 4-5pm)

    • Kvutza building, planning projects and activities, experiential learning

  • Zman Tzedek (Fridays 4-5pm)

    • High schoolers activism and organizing, including opportunities to take action

  • Special Friday Shabbat activities

    • Shabbat chuggim (electives) 3-3:50pm

    • Camp-wide pre-Shabbat gathering 5pm

Chuggim (Electives) Add-ons 

Sliding scale per 2-week chug: $30-60

You can choose to add on anywhere from 1 to 5 chuggim (electives) blocks.

  • Chuggim (Electives): Based around an interest or skill-building activity.

    • Chug Alef: M/W 3-3:50pm (all grades)

    • Chug Bet: T/Th 3-3:50pm (all grades)

  • Project Chuggim: Kids will meet over multiple sessions to create a final project

    • Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4-5pm

See the chuggim schedule below or CLICK HERE to read descriptions.

We are committed to making Gilboa affordable for every family. The program is offered at a sliding scale - please pay what you can. Financial aid or payment plans are available - you'll find those options in the registration. 

chuggim 2nd.png

See descriptions of each chug HERE!

Questions? Find answers and more in the Virtual Camper Handbook or Contact Us!